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Creating "Cultural Bridges"

Norah Burford - Event Planner and "Cultural Activities" Organizer

Norah began her travels in 1971 and has annually traveled extensively throughout the world and South East Asia.
The vibrancy of different cultures and spiritual practises have been a life-long source of learning.She has been a
student of meditation, yoga and traditional healing arts.She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Massage Therapist
who lives in B.C. Canada and Asia. The spiritual life and community of Bali inspire and nourish her heart,
soul and spirit. Bali has become her second home,a place of study and refuge. Norah has organized yoga and
meditation groups to Bali for the last several years. She is excited to be a part of the "Spirit of Writing
and Art" in this magical place full of inspiration and creativity. Norah will be available for help with
trip arrangements and preparations as well as during the retreat for personal questions and needs. Persons staying
longer can consult with Norah about hotel options and planning their itineraries. Norah can be contacted at

Bali has a rich culture and is a tropical paradise. The beauty spans from the wild beaches, terraced rice fields and the incredibly green
and lush tropical forests. The culture and spiritual ceremony is a fundamental part of everyday life and seems to intrigue and inspire everyone
who visits. It is truly a magical island that touches some place in everyone. Two Day Trips are included in the "Spirit
of Writing and Art Bali . Bali as a unique paradise that stimulates and immerses you in brilliant colors, pungent scents, savory tastes, a
luminous light, and earthy textures that will embrace you!

Day trip 1 - "The Heart of Spiritual Life"
Besakih is the Mother Temple. Gunung Batur is a volcanic lake with a spectacular view from the rim. The drive up to Besakih is a
visual feast of rural life, terraced rice fields, temples, tropical forests. Besakih is the main spiritual center of the island.
Besakih, the Mother Temple is perched nearly 1000m up the side of Gunung Agung Mountain and is 2000 years old. The complex is of
23 separate but related temples. The panoramic view to the ocean and mountain backdrop is amazing. Besakih has festivals where
thousands of Balinese devotees come and bring offerings. Besakih is considered the heart of Bali's spiritual life.

Day trip 2 "Holy Water Springs"
Tirta Empul- Holy Water Springs, Goa Gajah - Elephant Cave, and Gunung Kawi-Ancient Temple in Tampalesiring.
carved in the rock. Tirta Empul is the Holy Water Springs and dates from 962 A.D. It is a main source of holy water that bubbles up in
a sacred spring there, which is used for purification ceremonies.Elephant Cave is an 11th century cavecarved in the rock. Gunung Kawi is one of the oldest and ancient monuments carved in solid
rock on the river embankment.


Ubud is the cultural and artistic center of Bali.. home to some of Bali's best restaurants, cafes and streets of shops.The regions artisans
and craft makers sell their goods there. Great place for filling time with walks, performances, spa treatments, art museums, shopping, and
a local market. One night we will have a presentation by Wayang - Master Puppeteer and Dancer I Made Sidia and another night in Ubud is optional which
is a Traditional Dance performance. Ubud's restaurant are some of the best. It's a good place to try authentic Balinese dishes, as well
as a range of other Asian and international cuisines.
Many restaurants in Bali have local fresh ingredients, and have a delightful ambiance, and an eclectic menu and dishes fusing
inspiration from around the world. Near the main street in Ubud is the famous Monkey Forest.Ubud is a great base to explore beautiful
art and crafts in the area. On the left is Mount Batur where we have lunch when going to Bresakih. The Holy Spring, Besakih,
Mount Batur,Rice field, and Dancer photos were taken by photographer Fabrizio Belardetti.