I Wayan Karja
"Balinese Hindu Mandala colors with modern techniques"

Born in Ubud in 1965, Karja began formal arts education at in 1981,
and then studied Fine Arts and Design at Udayana University, Denpasaer. In 1999
he completed a program and the University of Southern Florida attaining his
Masters of Arts degree. In 2008 he continued his Expressive Arts at the European
Graduate School in Switzerland and presently is working on his PhD. In one series Karja
combines the philosophy of the Balinese Hindu Mandala colours with modern international
techniques in order to build a bridge between the micro and macro cosmos.

Since 1992 Karja has presented over twenty five solo exhibitions in Indonesia,
Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Italy ,Brazil, Australia and USA.

He has taught fine art and design for more than twenty years and was promoted to Dean of the Faculty
of Fine Arts and Design at the Indonesian Institute for the Arts, Denpasar, Bali, in 2004.
He has received a dozen awards in fine arts and education,
including from the President of the Republic of Indonesia and Nakasone Yaushiro, Japan.