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"Spirit of Writing and Art" Bali January 26th - Feb 3th 2017

Our theme in 2017 is "Imagination Reigns" and "Keeping our Courage and Radiance"


"Come and explore your Creativity & Imagination "
Poem Video 2014: "Bali feeds the Soul"
Video: Spirit of Writing and Art Bali

Come to the fabulous art/writing/storytelling studio/Gallery in the middle of the rice
fields near Ubud in an artistic community. See book from last retreat 2014 .. 2016 was Bali feeds Dreams
and in 2017 the theme will be Bali feeds Imagination
Come and be creative in supportive environment in an Open Studio.
In the 'Inspiration' sharing time the theme this years is "Imagination Reigns" with Della Burford
will explore tools for creative expression. of your unique self ,dreams and imaginal worlds.
Further align yourself with the story you are meant to tell and express in your own imaginative creative way.
This year there will be Art show of Artists who are Members
of the Society of Art of Imagination - "Imagination Reigns"
and also the theme is "Keeping our Courage and Radiance"

Dale Bertrand will share Medicine Wheels .
Sylke Gande will share "Painting Sacred Objects"
We will also have other Guest Artists. We will share a sunrise "Walk in the Rice Fields"
Meet fellow people who want to be creative in a exotic
environment and feasting on meals and ideas together.
Enjoy the local spas and and their packages. One of the best is a 5 minute walk away.

and final Sharing night are presently scheduled.
Take in a two day Cultural Program.
Exploring Bali and being with the people is inspiring!
For participation no experience is necessary.

: 8 Night of Accomodation .

"Acu-yoga" featuring "Self Healing - Keeping our Courage and Radiance" ,
Open Studio in the morning,
also Della in the morning has an Inspiration session and the theme is "Imagination Reigns"
There will be an Art Exhibition of Artists who are Members
of the Society of Art of Imagination - "Imagination Reigns"
Dale Bertrand will be a Guest Artist (Medicine Wheels)
Sylke Gande from Germany has been asked to share "Painting Sacred Objects"
and other Guest Artist Painting as well .
Evening presentations by Karja and I Made Sidia
1 Welcoming dinner & Daily "Dream Breakfast" .
" Walks in the Rice Fields" at sunrise)
Day Trips to Besakih Sacred Temple
and Temple at Lake Batur (with lunch)
and a Dance Studio .. optional trip to the Holy Water
One free Spa treatment
Consultation Travel booking / Admin/Booking Rooms,
Use of a Creative Open Studio in the afternoons and evenings.
Detailed Program is here.

Accomodation and Breakfast included
for 9 nights
Many choice restaurants walking distance 10- $15 a day .

Come and be Creative "

Open Studio Coordinator Norah Burford
Della is an award-winning and best-selling author, artist, and former teacher of Design at Humber College has conducted Art, Storytelling, Creative Writing, and workshops for over thirty years. Her workshops have been in Mexico, Guatemala, England, Holland, Korea, Bali and North America.
Dale is the author of "Druidical Quest" and Producer of 6 Celtic books, was Communication/General Manager of Harbourfront Antiques for seven years, and was an 'Inner City Angel' artist in Toronto for many years. He taught Public Speaking in Vancouver for seven years and also native youth at the Native Education Center.

Joining us from Bali will be Artist:
I Wayan Karja who was born a painter in a family of artists, his first memory is of sitting on his
fathers's lap with a brush in his hand. Karja learned about colours as a young child from his family
and from the "Young Artist" painters of Penestanan including Arie Smit,
the master of colour. He became the Dean of Fine Arts in Denpansaur University in 2004 before working full time as an artist.
He will offer both an "Introduction to Balinese Art and Culture" evening and a special Painting class.
Because both he and his family are nearby we can see how the Balinese life style is and there
may be chances to take part in ceremonies in the village Temple nearby.

Also field trip to the studio of Made Sidia. Presentation by students of I Made Sidia. He is one of the most well
travelled, knowledgable Masters in the Balinese art of Dance, Music (Gamelan teacher) and Shadow Theatre.

Additional: Cultural Program with Norah 2 Day Trips to see
Besakih- the Mother Temple, Temple at Batur - Volcanic Mountain,
Second Day Trip to Dance Studio
an Optional Trip will be to the Water Temple. .

General Information to bnorah@hotmail.com or Della at dellaburford@hotmail.com
This is a Canadian project.