"Spirit of Writing & Art " Bali 2017 jan 26- feb 4th
Latest video from "Spirit of Writing and Art" - "Bali feeds the Soul"
"Imagination Reigns"
Video for "Spirit of Writing and Art" from 2013"
Della Burford Artist, Award-winning Best-selling Author
Inspiration Sharing - In the morning we will have an Inspiration Art/ Storytelling sharing and Painting.
In the afternoon we will create in the Open Studio. "Imagination" Stories/Art " which will express the creativity of your unique self.

Each session will start with Acu-Yoga with the theme "Courage and Radiance" and the Dream Breakfast and then we will explore in "Inspiration" with the theme Imagination Reigns how
- (chakras) can be opened through guided visualizations, sounds, aroma, story, dream exploration,
visual images that will ignite the creative fire and imagination within for 1 hour.
Bring your sketchbooks and/or writing pads for ideas will flow like water as you breath the succulent
exotic and gracious air of Bali with other Creators.
In 1 1/2 hr Painting Time since “inspiration’s door” is open you will nurture your mind and soul, explore your inner self , and imaginal worlds,
creating art for personal power and to "make Imagination Reign."
The goal is for well- being and ultimately reaching for your fullest potential.

So the study of the chakras in the morning will move further into Painting (Ocean, Adapated Mische).
In the afternoon there will be an Open Studio for each person to explore their own art and creative path further.
A show of Artist from the "Society of Art of Imagination" "Imaginations Reigns" Artwork
Enjoy "Medicine Wheels - Power Animals" with Dale Bertrand, Painting with Della Burford and Guest Artists,
such as Painting Sacred Objects with Sylke Gande
and Explore at sunrise a Walk in the Rice Fields .

After being Inspired in the morning class with various themes
such as Transformation, Wonder, Healing, Third Eye and Create Dreams.
we will explore in the morning the theme further by Painting
(with Music). We will also have field trip to a Sacred Temple, a Creative Studio and have Spa time.

I Wayan Karja who is an International artist will present "Culture and Art of Bali" .
Using this beautiful location in a creative way is part of his`original vision.
Della and Norah and Dale will host an Art show where the local community will be invited. the "Imagination Reigns" book (proof) will be shared
Our "Cultural Bridges" program has Two Day Trips , one to the Sacred Temple of Besaki
and another to the Studio of I Made Sidia- Balinese - Master Puppeteer and Dancer ,
You can also attend one traditional Dance performance in Ubud (optional).
All cultural events are organized by Norah Burford.


"Spirit of art & Writing" - Bali Retreat
January 26th - Feb 4th
People can work on their own work if they choose
Dream Breakfast each day from 9 - 10:00
Studio is available many days in the evenings.
Optional Spa time can be arranged at lunch, some afternoons, after class or in the evening.
Day one Thursday January 26th Arrival.. Getting over Jet Lag

"MEET AND GREET" MEAL at Art Studio in the Rice Fields -

Della, Dale, Norah, Karja, Sylke, and other Guest Artists
Evening presentation is "Culture and Art in Bali" `by Wayan Karja

Introduction to Year of the Rooster.

Day Two
Friday Jan 27th
8:00-9:00 Yoga: Acu-Yoga.. Creating Courage and Radiance to gain power for our time we live in. Solving problems with Acu-yoga
Inspiration Class 10:00 - 11:00 Inspiration Class Introduction- Transformation
"Divine Limitation to Transformation" "Finding your Soul Map""Create with Imagination"
11:00 to 12:00 Ocean Painting

Late afternoon: 4-8 Launch of "Imagination Reigns " Exhibition in Studio
Art of Artists from "Society for Art of Imagination"
Reading: Della Burford .. how "Imagination Reigns"& Other Guest Artist.. Made Sidia and Family

Day Three
Saturday Jan 28th
8:00 - 9:00 Yoga: Acu-Yoga - Heart Chakra - Auric Body

"Inspiration Class 10:00 - 11:00 Introduction- Wonder "Imaginations Reigns "
Heart Chakra - Hummingbird-Drinking the Nectar of the Heart - Della Burford

11:- 12:00 - Painting with Sylke Gande .. Sacred Objects 1:30 - 3:30 Open Studio Spa time 3:30 - 5:30

Day Four
Sunday Jan 29th
Walk in the Rice Field(sunrise) 8:00- 8:45 Sharing Yoga: Acu- Yoga - 5th Chakra - Pranic Body
Inspiration Sharing 10:00-11:00 "Imagination Reigns "
Communication Chakra -Della- Finding your Allies, Protectors, Sacred Healer - Healing Story Angels
Asklepian Dream Healing "Health in body to serve the requirements of the soul" - Della Burford 11-12:00 Painting with Dale Bertrand .. Medicine Wheels
Afternoon 1:30-3:30- Open Studio
3:30 - 5:30 Spa Time

Day Five
Monday January 30th
Field trip to Day trip to the Mother Temple Besakih
Mount Batur - Lunch at the rim of the Volcano Free Evening

Day Six
Tuesday January 31st
8:00-9:00 Yoga: Acu-Yoga - Third Eye - Subtle Body ,
Inspiration Sharing 10:00-12:00 "Step into a Picture"
Third Eye - Dream Telepahy "Create with a larger Vision" - Della Burford

"Exploration" Painting .."Cosmic One.. Higher Place"
1:30 Open Studio 3:30 - 5:30 "Spa Time"

Day Seven
Wednesday Feb 1
Acu- Yoga - Crown Chakra 8:00-8:45 Inspiration Sharing 10-11 "Create Dreams " - Crown Chakra - Radiant Body
"Total Alignment" "Garden of the Goddess"

"Completion" 11-12:00 Painting - Della Burford Field trip to Made Sidia studio to be planned on time worked out with him
or Traditional Dance Performance (optional) Ubud Restaurant of your choice

Day Eight Thursday Feb 2
Sharing Open Studio Creations 5-6 Feast Dinner (optional)

Day 9 Departure – Saturday Feb 3th
Some people arrange to extend their stay.Accomodation will be at new location.